What is happening in healthcare?

We age, we suffer from chronic illnesses and science progresses. Because of these developments, healthcare demand increases and expenditure is expected to rise to 30% of GDP by 2030.

How do we contain healthcare costs, without compromising its quality and the extent to which it meets patient needs?

Dutch value-based healthcare creators

Value-based healthcare is the optimal and sustainable balance between high quality of care, high quality of life and containable costs.

As the Dutch value-based healthcare creators, we believe that value-based healthcare can stimulate broad accessibility of highly qualitative healthcare, where consumers can live normal, productive lives as long as possible, with minimum value loss and maximum value gain for patients, provider networks and society. In a sustainable way.


  • De Praktijk Index
  • DICA
  • Value2Health
  • Brightingale
  • MRDM
  • Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management
De Praktijk Index

“We monitor outcomes on patient safety, quality and effectiveness to create better outcomes for the patient of today.”

Safety First


Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing (DICA)

We provide insights into the quality of care, using reliable benchmarks and analysis. We work closely together with doctors, patients and other stakeholders in healthcare.

Make care count



We give everyone in healthcare access to relevant information. To make decisions that optimise the balance between quality of care, quality of life and containable costs.

Let's create value.



We enhance the knowledge of healthcare professionals and patients. This supports personalised decision making.

Clarifying healthcare choices



We provide services to source and process medical data on identifying level.

Trusted partner in medical data


Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management

We offer education, research, health services design, system performance improvement and healthcare reform.

Health and Wealth